The first SPL22 token

% Slippage
Price Impact: %
Minimum Received:
Platform Fee: %

SPL20 meets Token2022

Token Extensions

Token Extensions (formerly known as Token2022) allow us to store metadata directly in the SPL token mint account, removing the need for Metaplex's NFT standard.

Less Cost

This eliminates the 0.023 SOL NFT mint fee, drastically reducing the cost per mint of SPL20s.

Crowdfunded LP

By adding a small fee to each mint, we can crowdfund an LP in a fair distributed manner, solving SPL20's problem of low liquidity on the fungible DEX side of the two way bridge, enabling immediate tradability upon mint out.


An educational memecoin

$GH0ST was made as an educational device to bring awareness to this new fair launch inscription standard, for fungible coins and soon even on-chain NFT art collections.


Total Supply

0.02 SOL

Per mint LP fee


of GH0ST supply will be minted for the LP


Public mint
Fair launch


21,000 NFTs, 1000 tokens per NFT, 21M total supply. The LP fee will be used to mint 10% of the supply and to fund the initial liquidity for the GH0ST/SOL pair on FluxBeam DEX so that it's immediately tradable as soon as the mint completes. These LP funds will be burned essentially making it a 100% public mint.

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